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Thread: Boards for sale

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    Boards for sale

    5'11 Wooden alaia with custom artwork $400

    5'7 x 19 1/2 x 2 5/16 Chemistry Boombastik 5 fin with custom artwork $175

    6' x 22 1/2 x 2 3/4 Dock Road Fish custom art $175

    Catch Surf the One 46 inch

    PM for details if interested.
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    now i know u tryin to sell things i don't wanna go changin the subject on ya, but i'm really curious about that alaia. I've had wood curing all winter and it's about ready, but not sure what route i wanna go. I'de like to keep it natural and not glass, that would mean alaia. did you have fun on that thing? or no and thats why u sellin it?

    u gave no price on that catch surf piece, and location of boards?
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    Might be interested in the Chemistry, FCS or Futures? I'm assuming theres some dings at that price.

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    kooklykook, Its never been ridden a friend of mine shaped it and burned in the art and we are selling it new for 400. It will be glassed this week, Randy (shaper) oils them for the class he teaches at the tuckerton seaport. But I think he glasses a majority of them.

    the Catch surf is 175 (used once)
    I live in Tuckerton NJ

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    RobG, They are FCS plugs, yeah it is a beater, nose and tail damage and minor heel pressure dings in the deck. but it is a 5 fin conv. and it was shaped for me specifically so it is a unique board you cant find on the racks with those dims. Plus the custom art. If you want a 5 fin beater that you would want to take the time to seal up water tight it is def a good deal.

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    Update JS is sold

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    the chem is still available. good 5 fin summer board for cheap.

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