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    May 2008
    Long Branch
    Thanks for the thread, guys. I just bought myself a gorgeous 10'6 SUP yesterday afternoon. Can't wait to y'all off at your local ankle-high-shore-break

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    Aug 2011
    August has reminded me of something far worse and more dangerous than SUPer's: UNCW and CFCC insta-surfers. It never fails when a hurricane swell hits us that droves of college kids who have all of a sudden become "surfers" with their enrollment at our local university and community college pile into and subsequently get worked by the lineup. They always seem to have a friend with a boat so they can hop over to Mase and crowd it out or paddle the inlet endangering themselves and every boater heading offshore or heading in (btw the people who try to be "nice" and pluck them out of the inlet to give them a ride over are complete tools as well) It's worse than the tourons and local kooks on SUP's and softies, at least most of them seem to know their limits most of the time and they are generally easily avoidable.

    I personally would rather battle it out with a SUP in the lineup than deal with the abandoned boards in the impact zone, lack of etiquette, questionable duck diving ability and general d-baggery that comes with 99% of the UNCW and CFCC students who call themselves "surfers."

    Whew, I feel better now.