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Thread: Hurricane Swell

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    Bode's not comin' back........

  2. i got swellinfo predicting this wrong once again. I hope they finally have it right! But as I always tell my friends, don't get your hopes up! PRAY 4 SWELL

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    Quote Originally Posted by callmedaddy View Post
    dude im bringin my kayak to show you surfers what's up! Dis model be trippin with 3-4 feet Im expecting DOH bombs ereywhere for sure! Putting in for a 3 day weekend and fueling up the van boys! wheeeeew! Sick of seeing airs? wait 'til you coons see me kayaking some bombers! wheeew!!
    whoah man some sweet bombs to stir up lake atlantic. i sure hope to see matt johnson rippin it up out there! his surfing is like art, it just fills me with warm love

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sniffer View Post
    When I lived in FL it obviously stormed every evening and we surfed thru them all the time...but then again the creeper greens had a lot effect on me at that time...not the smartest thing to do.
    you know somebody got hit by lightning at sandy hook on monday coming out of the water. he obviously wasn't surfing, but still its something to be noted.

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    and now he can speak portugese and heal the sick

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.E.Z. (Surf & Sponge) View Post
    i got swellinfo predicting this wrong once again.
    If he's got it wrong, I've got it wrong, too. I'm seeing a good chance of solid surf on this one. But as everybody who follows this stuff knows, it's still a long way off, and there's a lot of variables. Still... I think this one looks good.
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