selling a set of fiberglass Future FEA fins. Never used. Bought as a good fin for bigger surf, unfortunately i have found another pair i enjoy and have no need for them.never used them. They are the clear color and are without any dings/cracks only slight slight scratches from rubbing each other in case. Looking for 50$(retail for 70$) Any takers please pm.

from futures wbsite:


Outline: E. Arakawa

Height: 4.57 in, 11.60 cm
Base: 4.40 in, 11.20 cm
Area: 15.16 sq in, 97.81 sq cm

A very popular balanced template that performs in a variety of conditions. The medium tip and base allows you to stay on rail and makes it easy to generate your own speed. Ry Craikes fin of choice for sloppy days and West Oz Slabs.