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    surf trip exercise

    going on a surf trip real soon but i am very out of shape, i'm a good surfer but more of a bum, how can prep my self to get fit for surfing in a week!

    i know i know....but its better late then never.


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    to get ready for hurricane season i get a pair of dumbells anywhere from 20-45 lbs and leave them at my steps and every morning just bang out like 50 shoulder presses. thatll help with paddling. and nothing will get you in shape faster than some pullups

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    Get on your board with a kid on your back and paddle your ass off.

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    Uh.. a week not too sure. But, maybe pick-up the Taylor Knox dvd ball workout 30 minutes intense and good for core & total body conditioning... yoga's good too... Do some cardio to be able to take a beating in the impact zone
    ;0) Unless you never get caught there.. But, unfortunately I do.

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    You should definitely do as many 12 oz curls as you can so you liver will be in top shape for the trip!

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    Go Swimming!

    Swimming is absolutely the BEST workout to prepare you for surfing and is one of the best workouts for your body in general. Works every muscle and your lungs.

    Running is also a great way to train for surfing. It builds cardiovascular endurance your legs and core. I enjoy going for a run and then doing a few sets of push-ups at the end to give my shoulders and chest a workout. That will prepare you well for your trip.

    Ultimately its all about doing something, anything, any type of workout will help you prepare for surfing. There is no magical workout. It's about being active often and balancing your routine so that you hit every muscle and get your heart/lungs pumping.

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    You're not going to do anything in a week. Just try to get good sleep and stay hydrated. Don't forget the Aleve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oipaul View Post
    You're not going to do anything in a week. Just try to get good sleep and stay hydrated. Don't forget the Aleve.
    I agree with're not going to change your level of fitness in one week, and suddenly trying some crazy new workout routine for a few days is probably more of a risk than a benefit. I would just paddle out in whatever conditions we get for the next few days, and get few good surfing workouts.

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    great advice in this forum. thanks.

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