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    Reward offered lost board please help

    My buddies and I went down to Hatteras for the "Storm" had a great time made it home unpacked the car.. I took the straps off my board to put it away and started putting our camping gear away. My Friend took off to go see his girlfriend in Berlin... board now unstrapped on his car.. So the board was lost on 50 somewhere between West O and Berlin Westbound on 50.. Its a 5'10 Stretch Quad neon green in a firewire day bag with a 2pac stomp pad. If you have any info please please let me know at 443-614-7932

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    wow thats suck i have a 5"6 stretch bat tali expensive boards i hope you find it

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    here is a pic.. if anyone sees it around town give me a tip off.. this is my favorite board and my baby...
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    This is why I keep my gear INSIDE the car.

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    bummer, good luck.

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    I always wondered if there was anyone who'd ever buy that stomp pad

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    hahahahaha can not wait to prank his number.

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    Didn't you also 'lose' aboard last summer? Just curious. I will keep my eyes open.

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    yea i did loose one 2 summers ago.. 4 days of surfing and camping turned all of our minds to mush.. keep talkin crap please it will atleast keep the thread in sight.. just asking people to keep an eye out

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    Here is a better pic of the board
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