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Thread: surfing spain

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    surfing spain

    i am going to spain for a 10 days and we are traveling to san sebastian. has anybody surfed there in august? crowds, size, breaks, locals, boards, tell me whatever you think will help

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    Mundaka is a world class left point break about 1.5 hours from San Sebastian... I'd keep an eye on forecasts and if it's going to get swell, go for it.

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    i know i would love to get there, but i dont think i will have time. at this point i will only be able to get out to san sebastian to surf. how were the locals/surf in mundaka?

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    I studies in Spain but never got to surf, if you are going to Segovia by any chance I can provide info.

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    yea i am actually going to segovia. any tips? heard its awesome

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    It's been a while, but it's a great town! If you eat pork, for lunch find a place that serves Cochonillo (Roasted Suckling Pig) order Cochonillo Completo. Also in many bars you'll see food items in the windows. when you order a beer, simply point to what you want, they usually give you a very small plate wih every drink you order. Lots of bars. The center is small so walking everywhere is no problem at all. You can knock out the three big sites in a day. The Alcazar (castle), Aqueduct, and the Catherdral. At Siesta everything shuts down. The night life is quite good. I wrote this travel article a while ago, it might be helpful.