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    Chilean sideband swell

    just wtf is this supposed to mean? I've been out here lil' over a month, caught maybe 2 or 3 decent so hemis & that Eugene swell. Am I supposed to ride a board w/ channels or something? Is the next swell going to get bigger ya know like side band/opening band or am I just supposed to go to a concert the night before or after...

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    its the trend

    Every generation of surf people loves to invent new vocabulary. Like when the kids started adding an "s" to the end of every surf break, not realizing that originally the "s" meant either (1) more than one (Canoes) or (2) named after a person, often a local property owner or a surfer who rode the break (Cunha's, Castle's). The day will probably come when kids start talking about surfing "Waimeas" or "Pupukeas." The "sideband" swell is another one of these newer labels. I'm with you on this one--I've been surfing for 50 years and see no reason to keep inventing new names for old things. Maybe it's an attempt to be hip? You've gotta admit, this one sounds very high tech.

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    I"m not sure what this is specifically in reference to or why someone would use a cryptic term such as Chilean sideband swell, but I'd assume this is referring to the swell being generated from a system hanging off of Chile, sending very southerly swells towards Central America and California...