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    I help teach with a surf school in Atlantic City and I would say get her a cheap foamie that way she doesn't hurt herself as she is learning. I agree to take her out in about waist high (her waist) water and stand there with her. Have her lay on the board while you hold on to it to help keep her stable. Keep the board facing the beach. Wait for a broken wave to approach and have her paddle but still give her a push straight toward the beach. You can help her by telling her when to stand up after she has caught the wave. After she starts getting up consistently, have her paddle and catch the waves on her own. Sorry if some of this info seems redundant or stupid but this is how we teach beginners. We also go over all of the basics on the beach before taking them out. We even have them practice the pop up a few times and give them pointers. Good luck and have a great time teaching your daughter!

    Oh, and definitely take her out on a small day.

    One love.
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