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    and whatever you do, don't teach her that kneeling pop up stance
    (stomach --> one knee down one foot up --> slide other foot up)

    they get in the habit of jumping to their knee and staying like that through half the wave. just go straight from stomach to feet and she'll learn much more quickly anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post
    call me a kook, offer to teach my girlfriend the "stinkbug".

    Stay classy, Ripturbo, stay classy
    just kiddin around bud.

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    All three of my daughters did a week long surf camp as a gift from their grandparents. I took a few days off to watch/participate. The two older ones (12 and 9) did awesome on their own w/ their instructors and are totally hooked. The youngest (6) was a bit intimidated so I went out in the water with her. She was not quite ready to stand up, and I didn't push it. She had a blast riding in on her stomach and building more confidence in the ocean in general. Highly recommend the soft tops to get started, but the two older ones are already pushing for "real" boards. They ask to go surf every chance we get and, yes, Soul Surfer is in heavy rotation on the TV. Just an awesome experience and I can't wait to see what kind of surfing we will be doing in the future.

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    I got that question a couple weeks ago from a girl i have known for years and now I'm in a relationship with her...haha...never thought it would work out like that, but I got to say she is a trooper. I took her out a couple weeks ago and let her use my old funshape, within an hour she caught two rides, on her knees, but still I was really proud of her. And I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that it all went down the way it did! So stoked and excited to have a girl that's into the ocean...just had to share.

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    [QUOTE=haolemc;103521]the hardest thing will probably be resisting the urge to always be teaching/explaining something and reminding yourself that the most important "lesson" for kids to learn early on, is that surfing is a blast. if kids walk out of the water feeling that way after every session, all the rest will come in time, but if there's too much instruction at the beginning, it may start to feel like school, which is a drag.QUOTE]

    Excellent point!! Make it fun for you and them.