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    Wooden alaia with custom burned art work for sale

    5'11 wooden alaia shaped by Randy Budd with artwork burned by myself.
    Asking $400
    PM if interested
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    How'd that puppy ride? I made one out of pine but was stupid and sealed it with polly instead of oil. It now serves as a table haha.

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    What kind of wood did you use?

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    Its never been ridden, being glassed tomorrow. I never rode one. I am a hp shorty guy so I dont usually ride alternative shapes too often. Randy Budd shaped the board. I believe their is some Alaskan pine, local cedar and some other species in there. I will ask him again about the woods.

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    Randy teaches a class at the Tuckerton Seaport on alaia building. I know he oils only in class because of time, but for boards he makes for sale he glasses them I believe.

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    Wow! Props on the artwork!!!

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    Are alaias good for knee high summer mushy waves?

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    thanks RayF. dont know about how they ride. but i think you may need more punch and curl in the wave for this type of board. its more of a sliding and slipping ride

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