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    Surftech Ultraflex

    has anyone surfed a board with this technology? is it similar to a coil?

    I was eyeing up the Rusty GTR shape with this stuff and looked sooo good

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    It's nothing new. It's been done for years. Basically two layers of the standard fiberglass with a layer of biaxial weave fiberglass (45 degree angle vs traditional 90 degree) sandwiched between. The interesting part is that it's a CNC'd blank and hand finished. I guess they are teaching the Chinese to finish CNC'd boards now.

    Coil is vacuum bagged with a "proprietary" fiber sandwiched with traditional fiberglass. The bagging allows a higher cloth to resin ratio. More cloth + less resin = more strength.

    Main difference... Surftech is made by cheap overseas non-surfer labor. Coil is made by surfers in the USA.