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    7'0" Channel Islands Tuflite for sale

    I'm looking to unload this great board that my wife and I bought for our honeymoon a few years ago that we don't ever use. She would rather use her longboard so why let it collect dust. It's basically a big guys shortboard and is fairly loose and fast for it's size. It has one ding on the nose from the ever so cautious baggage handlers, but that's been repaired.

    I'm asking $400 since I paid over $700 and it's barely been used, maybe a dozen times.
    PM me with any questions.

    2011-08-11 14.28.17.jpg

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    CBLACK check your pm

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    SOLD Today. Have fun mucker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CBLACK View Post
    SOLD Today. Have fun mucker.
    Thanks for the board. Now we need some waves.