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Thread: Puerto Rico

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    Twice I have stayed with Roger Wagner at Surf 787 Villas. South of town up in the hills. It's a house with a pool, pool table, grill and Roger's ex cooking up some good vittles. Great for bringing a girlie or kids. 100-150 a night. Google Surf 787 Rincon.
    Now, with a larger family we rent a house on the South Side on the beach called Sunset Paradise Villas (google it). Both are about a 5 minute drive to Marias/Dogmans. 10-15 min to Sandy beach, 35-40 to Jobos-NW Coast.
    Walking distance to grocery/bakery/gas/BEER. If you are going with just sufers w/no familia, I would stay up along Sandy Beach. The Bro-in-law and me sneak up there to "Surf" around happy hour.

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    Im interested to know how to book the cheapest flight, bodyboard bag fee (if any) and where to fly into. Looking to go for a month Jan-Feb and I have places to stay with friends. Thanks yall.