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    burnt surfboard. HELP!

    welp i was driving home from my buddys shore house with three of my boards packed nice and tight in my travel bag strapped down in the back of my truck this evening and tragedy struck. My truck has stacks. you know the big ugly ones that 18 wheelers have? (not my idea my dad decided to supprise me with them for my birthday last year. i hate them) well they get smoking hot and my board bag slid up on them. my board bag and all three boards went up in flames driving up the parkway. my short board and my step up are both chocked up to a total loss. my groveler however thanks to it being so short was sheilded from the flames. it only got a little yellowing on the nose and the resin swelled up a little.

    Basicly what im looking for is some help on saving my last board. i could more then likely get away with riding it how it is now. i think its water tight however i have only riddn it maybe 10 times and it bugges the he** out of me to see it messed up already. does anyone have any ideas how i should go about fixing this thing? maybe someone out there has had a board melt on them by some small chance. im out two boards and im trying to save my last one. any advice at all is greatly appreciated.

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    idk what you do for the board your trying to save but... the other two boards save them and you can do a board sacrifice to the surf gods.

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    they are already half way there. its not pretty

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    Damnn dude that sucks post some pics

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    ill post one tomorrow. my go to board, (the worst of the two) is already snapped in about 6 pieces across my front yard

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    your story is pretty hard to believe! This might be a load of horse s*it