I don't know, it's been pretty weak...but there was a couple weekends in July that were really fun, nothing really above waist or chest, but some fun days...This is the east coast, we're not known for good waves, especially in summer...so you really have to cherish the days that we do get swell. If anything I think it makes us more avid and more connected with it. Think of surfing like a girl you love, if you see her all the time, you might get sick of being around her, but if there are gaps between the time you see her, your feelings will be so strong when you do see her. It's a double-edged sword, it's easy to whine and complain....try this next time you feel like whining...close your eyes, picture yourself living in Nebraska and think about how many possible days you have a year to get in a good sesh...hope this helps.

i already know I'm a smarta$$. Thank you.