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    GoPro... getting annoying.

    i rarely post post here due to the anger generated by pre-pubescent kids dropping their "knowledge", but i REALLY think folks have to stop posting gopro vids of their sesh in 1-2' dribblers. you can share that crap on the youtube, show mom and dad how kool you are, but unless you are dropping into a real wave, no one wants to see it. everyone knows how cool you are b/c you have a waterproof cam, but you still cant surf for ****. i'd rather watch your drive to the beach than your "domination" of 1' waves. please, just think about what you are posting (action-wise) before you post it... that is all, signing off. G.

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    What is a post post?

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    you just gave me a great'll be able to purchase in stores soon...thank you. I'm rich, biotch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chubbyG View Post
    I am ranting my face off.
    I feel you

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    I dont think gopro's are really worth it, unless you are getting barreled. Watching someone turn on a gopro isn't that exciting, but watching them get completely covered up is pretty cool.

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    yeah, unless you are in OBX in the fall ona decent swell, go pros are lame to have mounted... The footage is usually still really bad.... If you use a go pro, do yourself a favor and just have a friend swim around on the inside and take photos of you as you approach on the wave... Also if they sit on a shoulder, the perspective from above the wave, looking down at the bottom turn makes the waves look 3x bigger than it really is.... So either use it in the flats, on a shoulder with a friend, or take that sh** to INDO.... there is no reason to have one board mounted unless you are going shack hunting... and yes, if need to be much larger than 2 feet obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfergirlNC View Post
    What is a post post?
    II amam sorrysorry. II dontdont typetype veryvery wellwell... (where 'bouts are you from in the NC? i did time in the stack 'em high house (mp 9 KDH) in the early 90's...)

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    Am I the only one who think the typical pose in these vids looks something like Dee from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"?

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    take one backcountry snow boarding. Like deep in the woods, so sick! Just remember to turn it off in the lift line....

    I would like to wear the helmet mount to make some DIY porn. Oh yeah.

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    I agree, it seemed like all of a sudden, everyone purchased a GoPro and mounted them to everything! I have an idea, mount one to a shark and toss him in the line up, now that would be some good video!