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    no sandbars in nj.

    I know a couple people got hurt this summer getting hit by a shorebreaking wave here in nj. i was like , how? there has been no waves. I saw this article.

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    your point being...?

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    Wow that's cool, the guy mentioned in the article Joe Gomulka was my teacher in high school, way back in the early eighties at Middletown North in NJ. I haven't heard that name for 30 years and plugged it into google, The guy looks exactly the same as he did back then. Proof positive that living near the beach and loving the ocean and everything that goes with it keeps you young. Not sure what to say about the lack of sandbars.

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    No sandbars in Harvey Cedars right now, because they're all underneath the newly replenished beach.

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    Live in San Diego, but Grew up in New Jersey in Harvey Cedars, NJ.
    The Incidents that occured this summer in harvey cedars reguarding neck and back injuries occured due to the extreme shelf at the shoreline caused by the drege/refirbish on the Cedars beaches. Waves jack up right in the shorebreak and take down pretty much anything. It could be like 2 foot and ive seen a 200 pound dude get knocked over. Some really sick shorebreak spongeing and bodysurfing this summer if your experinced and aware of the danger. I am a lifeguard in Cedars and am now a Veteran after 5 years, my knowlage of my hometown is extensive. Feel free to ask me anything. In a few years the Sandbars will be back and better then ever, we just need a few Noreasters to clean that **** sand out and send it up to BL.

    HAve a good one!