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    Shake rattle and role

    My parents were over and my dad was sitting on the couch with me.I kept on saying over and over to my dad for like 45 seconds,are you moving your leg my couch is shaking.My bad!

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    DE got it! Crazy

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    Mineral VA, the epicenter area is right next to Lake Anna...which has a nuclear power plant. News hasn't picked up on that threat yet, but I'm sure it wont take long.

    YIKES, a quick google search revealed a study that ranked the plant 7th most susceptible to earthquake damage!!!
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    I work in a building in Norfolk and felt it shake at first. Then a pause, then a stronger one followed that rattled furniture and ceiling tiles. Haven't been in a quake in a while. Freaky.

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    Pretty ridiculous in DC

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    Seismic waves.... tidal waves... everything but "waves."

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    it was a 5.8 magnitude, epicenter was in Virginia....crazy ****, i was sitting in my truck eating lunch in northern DE and the whole truck started shaking. Nuckin' Futz!

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    i got my wisdom teeth out so i'm on percocet ...i was like whaaaaaat is happening. for a second i though my sister was teasing me by shaking the house.

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    All the hotels in Ocean City, Maryland were swaying back and forth. Maybe it really is Comet Elenin causing all of these earthquakes, ok,.. maybe not,.. but who knows? Bunch of nuts on the internet claiming every alinement so far has occurred same time as Peru, New Zealand, and Japan earthquakes? It is getting closer, and will be here soon.

    hell, maybe we can get some earthquake waves or cosmic comet waves,.... sweat

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    felt it in wilmington, nc! got into my car, turned it on and my car was rocking back and forth. weirded out, i turned off my car and it was still rocking. WOAH.