Global warming is effecting us the question is how much of it is due to our impact which with all the billions of cars zooming around all day something has to give. Anyway, if it's effects include all these south winds I hate it. A perfetcly good northeast swell is going to get shredded by the south wind tommorrow, whatever happened to west after a storm? I'm only 21 but I sound old when I say back in my day there'd be a noreaster for 2-3 days then it'd go west and all the breaks in our are would be sick with a NORTHEAST swell not SE, or SE and NE, just NE! I mean come on the water is piss right now, novemeber starts next week! Not that I mind that but this sucks I'm going out in the chop and slop today just so I can go left. Sorry just checked the forecast and was like WTF but yes the south swell last saturday was awesome because it was one swell with a west wind.