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Thread: costa rica

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    costa rica

    whats goin on everyone? i'm trying to make my way to costa winter break, who knows any killer spots a couple college kids could shred for a couple weeks?

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    winter is offseason so go to Playa Hermosa which picks up more swell than other beaches / areas. it is costa rica's "most consistent beach break" Enjoy

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    There is a great place in Playa Hermosa(the one close to Jaco), near where i stayed. it's called Hermosa bungalows and it's a compound of about 30 4 person bungalows with kitchens across the street from the beach. the can squeeze up to 7 at pretty cheep rates. fly into San Jose and rent a car or get a cab to Playa Hermosa which is only and hour and a half drive. or you could try to find a place up in Tamarindo.

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    Playa Hermosa is the definitely a hot spot for surf, and Playa Joca up the street is a fun town with restaurants and bars. Check out the Swellinfo costa rica surf trip rentals for options on places to stay in Jaco or Hermosa.

  5. check us out we offer discounts to swellinfo members. we are 10 minutes from the playa hermosa referenced above in earlier posts. email for info.

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    Costa Rica is the Sh*t!

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    I am going with some friends in november...Where I am going is no secret, but I'm not going to announce it in the forums. My best piece of advice for you is not to stay in tamarindo unless your primary motivation for going there to party. There are no good breaks with an easy walking distance besides playa grande and even that is more than a mile away... check out spirit airlines for cheap flights, use nature air or sansa instead of renting a car ( unless you plan on traveling to a lot of different breaks) , check out for good places to stay, renting a board is usually an option and always cheaper than bringing your own, bring plenty of sunscreen, and go for as many days as you possibly can because once you get there you'll never want to leave! Finally, use the internet to your advantage. There is so much information available to you for research prior to committing to where you going...

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    head crowds. chex out my pics from may. hermosa's a joke.....theres 15 hermosa's in costa rica. jaco is a POS. in the south....great food, great waves, sexy women! Enjoy

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    Couple weeks with a rental car you could cover alot of ground. The caribbean can be pretty incredible...salsa brava in puerto viejo is a pretty serious reef break, 20 minute walk down the road you have a pretty nice beach break in playa cocles. Even if it's a flat spell, the place is beautiful. Only caution is the caribbean is more rustic than the rest of the country. You can get pretty good, consistent surf on the whole pacific coast. Hermosa is nice, jaco is average IMO....lots of prostitutes, drugs, and more americanized than anywhere else. The biggest draw is that it is the closest major beach town to san jose. My suggestion is go to visit manuel antonio for a few days, there are average breaks there, but to the south you can go to dominical which can get good. Manuel antonio is another place, though, that is really beautiful. If you go north, go to nosara, santa teresa, and mal pais (all pretty close to each other). Point is, with a few weeks to play with, you can get around that whole country and see some really varied landscape/surf spots.

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    yeah do yourself a favor and head down to Pavones. If you can afford a rental, it's worth it. If not, well just hold on to your gear on the bus or make friends with someone who has a car. Dominical is a nice stop along the way with cheap rooms and food, though the surf isn't all that great. There is a nice little beach a few miles south of Dominical though that has some fun waves and not a lot of crowds. Just be wary of theft anywhere south of Dominical as it gets pretty rural. Once you get to Pavones though you'll be in heaven.

    I think you can even fly into Pavones (or somewhere near Pavones) from San Jose. There are a load of point breaks down there in addition to the famous left, so there is plenty of opportunity for waves to yourself.
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