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    This is going out to RI riders...

    Anyone going out on Sunday? I'm thinking maybe Monday would be the better day, less wind no rain forecasted. Still pretty big. I wonder how far the surge will push, probably the entire beach. During bill we had to ride the wave in then walk around to drop in farther up in Narragansett. Prolly be the same.

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    you probably want to get out of dodge on Sunday. This is a serious threat to the Rhode Island area.

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    RI big wave event featuring Brian Keaulana, Laird "Air" Hamilton, Pete Mel, and JOE SCHMO!

    Break out your 10'+ GUNS and BALLS TO MATCH FOLKS@!

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    Narragansett Town Beach should be the best ever...I swear! That's where everyone goes when the surf gets large, so it must be good.

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    It's going to be gnarly out there. 50mph winds with 15 ft surf. Yeah good luck with that....

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    38.jpg Will be on the island in RI and hoping I can find some method of transportation off it come saturday late afternoon. One of my best pals in CT is a town manager and they're going into meetings later today to go through evacuation procedures - eye of the storm to hit dead on in Stamford CT according to state/government models/reports. Full moon, high tide, and a tropical storm or hurricane is going to mean Sunday will not be a day for any kind of recreation. Lots can still change, but I would get as many waves as possible through saturday late-afternoon, and then the VAS conditions will most likely have those who live near the beach leaving for higher ground. Get it while ya can. Sat late morning it should be absolutley firing. Really hope this isn't '38 all over again. Providence had 13 feet of ocean water downtown. Totally devastated the entire state.