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    I didn't wait a year... You're just hearing about it. Locals who know me know about the thief, I'm just trying to spread the word more.

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    Bingo is a liar, he took my taylor board to sell it for me brand new might i add had to go up north to take care of my mother with cancer and needed the money; when i came back he said he sold the board for 70 bucks and i told him not to sell it for less than 375, i bought it for 575 just a week before i had to go ,and only went surfing one time. needless to say when i returned to claim the money or board he said all he could get was 70 bucks, i lost the paper work that was written deal so the police could'nt do anything, nor did i have a leg to stand on taking him to small claims court so i took the 70 bucks, and as i was walking out pissed off he had the nerve to ask me aleast to give him 10 bucks for selling it for me like he was doing me a favor. This was when he had his surf shop in Clute. I'm so lucky i held my cool and did'nt go to jail for beating his lying ass that day; and if i had you would still have your board now because he would have never made it to the hospital.. DOA in my book still to this day.

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    Ps will keep my eyes and ears open ..... Peace out .... Local since 1969 .... Dbl.A

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    Hope you find your board ... So sad Bingo boards would do that ..