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    Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    NO. THE FESTIVALS THAT GO ALONG WITH THE CONEST. skate bmx and surfing is still a go. concerts and all the other stuff is a no go.

    Social Media Outburst say its all off . City of Longbeach is going to hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the event and what and what not will happen
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  2. As of 5amTropical Storm Katia is born, NOAA forecast have the storm becoming a hurricane by Thursday and potentially a major hurricane early Sunday (well off the coast of PR).

    Thats a bummer about QuikProNY, esp with the good potential for solid swell next week.

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    One can only wish, esp. with these unpredictable tropical systems... In terms of waves, Irene in VB was just a tease. This new one on the other hand, has potential to be like Bill back in '09.

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    ^ McMuffin is right!

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    After the way Irene left, I'm ready to rebound all over Katia