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    Hurricane Katia...

    Hope shes nicer than Irene for RI surf. It was heartbreaking to track Irene for a week or so, only to watch all the choppy, messy, unridable waves, from the police lined road. If she stays off shore, should make it reeeal nice.

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    It'll be nice thursday and friday but the weekend looks like crap (

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    come down to long island the weekend looks insane! i cant wait to get shacked on my body board

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    report looks best for long beach NY, school will be in session and the ASP comp will be going on so im sure ill be able to take a road trip up there and find a break all to myself before i head out to school.

    currently calling for OH and offshore winds for long beach with every else in NY getting chop and semi clean on friday and NJ is just getting mess side shore slop. im pumped for this swell!

    and buddy in RI, that sucks with the cops for you... i mean in NJ we got hit bad but only some towns closed beaches and most opened up by sunday morning to let guys surf