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    so if the music and festivals are canceled, theres just going to be surfing then? which cant be that bad considering this may be the first and last time that the ASP comes to the east coast...but since this would be my 1st, what is the festival part like?? i know that the music is self explanatory, but i dont get what the festival part means...thanks!

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    It looks like right now it can possibly be epic in long beach with Katia moving up the coast. GO BALARAM!!!!!!!

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    Not cancelled!

    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    Just heard this. Can anyone confirm? I guess the hurricane damage in long beach was too much.
    My understanding is that the peripheral activities have been cancelled. Halfpipe, motocross, bands, etc..... But the actual surf competition is still on.

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    ... how about you go on their website for the event and click on the tab labelled "live"... they had heats running all day in ****ty waves so they can do the important heats in this weeks up coming why are you all so negative about going from teahupoo to NY? this is the east coast. this is where we live. ive surfed puerto rico and cali and towns of places and this is still my favorite spot on its best days. get your head outta your ass and stop being so pretentious. youre not on the world tour so stop complaining. they get paid to do what you would love to do. you just jealous