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    Happened to two of my friends I went out with on Sunday. I'm feeling okay. The water was definitely booty though, I swear I saw some straight up turds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by czarsy View Post
    i swear i saw some straight up turds.
    yummy! ............

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    I just bathed in my own feces... felt good

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    I've been blowing out dark yellow wads of snot, because i had to surf ocean city sunday because assateague va was closed. But it was worth it, and i thank the town of oc for letting surfers surf and opening up on sunday. 2 thumbs up.

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    alcohol and/or white vinegar in the ears and listerine gargle and dont be shy,douche heavy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surferdann View Post
    After my month long bout with a sinus and ear infection plus bells palsy from Earl
    I literally got 20 hours of surfing over the two days that earl was hitting with no problems afterwards

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobtaco223 View Post
    I literally got 20 hours of surfing over the two days that earl was hitting with no problems afterwards
    i actually surfed earl with an ear infection i found out i had 2 days before. then i ended up with a really bad sinus infection that lasted for a few weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by fupafest View Post
    I'm taking my chances, its only saline solution. I saw pieces actual FECAL COLIFORM come out of my nose. Needless to say, I'm washing that sh*t out literally.
    With the netipot, use salt and a little baking soda instead of just warm water...burns the brain but works way better than just water

    What are good foods to prevent sinus infections, I had one for so long last year and I'm getting a little cough, surfed a good break next to a running pipe and Im hearing that pipe water is contaminated like crazy..
    I'm shooting myself to ease the pain if I'm sick for the epic swell to come next week

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    I went ahead and go a Sinupulse...its 100 bucks but i haven't had a sinus infection since, I used to get them regularly.

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    I caught it in monmouth county at 1:30 on monday and surfed 2 hours quitting after the wind went onshore. By the time i was home a hour later felt really sick. Lots of green mucus, fever later that night and by wednesday a awful cold. Doctor looked at my throat and said it was wrecked but no strep--- Almost certain the water was the cause- it was brown and frothy and looked and smelled like septic run off.