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Thread: C'mon Katia!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnarActually View Post
    hurricane bill look alike
    Knock on wood.

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    This should get interesting, I'm guessing sometime late next week, maybe friday. But, if all goes well, maybe some LPS showing up around's nice to dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esplanade View Post
    Caution though, maybe careful what we wish for. Strictly hypothetical, lets say Katia is a hum-dinger and influences ASP's visit to Long Beach. If good, NY/NJ forever immortalized on a world stage.? My opinion, not such a good thing. That would only justify the risk of putting tourney here in first place. As for future tourney's?.. "oh remember Katia?". Every jackoff from here to the Mississippi would converge. Personally, I'm hoping Katia is a dud, the tour vows never to return and then we get blasted until November. Just sayin.

    Absolutely perfectly said. I couldn't agree more. i hope the contest is skunked and the right coast remains the "gotta live here" to score it epic break.

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    Anyone who can read a nautical map and fishes off NJ knows there are several shoals about a mile or so offshore. Good for fishing. To surf some of these, you would need a very low tide, a big, long-period swell out of the southeast, and NW winds. been looking at some of them for years now. I wonder.........

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    waiting game

    i am loving the bars in oc right now. even if it stays choppy its still waves and im happy with anything over waist high. tho i would like to try my semi gun.