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    British Airways Petition - Keep Travelling

    British Airways Petition - Keep Travelling
    BA want to ban surfboards - It alienates surfers, and it makes no sense. It is a false economy.
    BA have been a progressive airline when dealing with boards - but if this goes ahead - they will actually be worse than RyanAir.
    Please sign the petition - it is in all our interests
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    Thanks to everyone who has already signed.

    Please spread the word about this to all your surfing and non-surfing mates - spread the word to other forums

    Today Surfboards, tomorrow musical instruments - or who knows what else.

    The more people who sign, the better a chance we have to change this decision.

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    Everyone, take a couple minutes and sign this...

    British Airways, is basically saying they would surely store on board a large, heavy set of golf clubs, but they disregard supporting the surfing society. Sounds like discrimination.