Hi guys/girls...hoping someone could shed a little light on a missing board. Last Saturday evening, Aug 27th (the day Irene hit) I was surfing at Wrightsville Beach, access number 4. I paddled out around 7pm, and came in around 8:15 or 8:30, when it became dark. Sometime during that time frame, a different board that I had left on the beach was stolen...or innocently found?? not sure. Either way, I want my board back. Really the joke's on whoever picked it up, because my halfway decent board bag covered up the fact the board is 10 years old and a true beater. The board is a 8.0 Howard Brothers funshape with an Onshore Surf Shop (Topsail) decal on it. The board is white (yellowed) and has a blue stripe (that looks like water) across it. This board is a piece of sh&$, I'm talking open dings, rough, un-sanded patches of sun cure, water damage inside etc. It's probably worth 20 bucks which is probably not worth it for the crackhead that picked it up. But it's the board I normally use to teach people how to surf, and I learned alot on it back in the day. Sentimental value. Please let me know if anyone knows anything about it, or sees it anywhere, pawn shops etc. Thanks for your time. It was stolen or picked up slightly to the right of the beach access #4 boardwalk, if facing the water. The Fuc*ers also got the white dakine board bag it was in and two leashes inside the bag.

And if the perpetrator is reading this...I hope you never get another barrel in your life. More importantly I hope a shark bites off your nuts instantaneously the next time you paddle out. Bad karma coming your way. Find a job to support your meth problem.