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    small wave weapon suggestions

    Looking for a new small wave performance board, anyone have some suggestions???

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    Sharp Eye DISCO. hands down

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    Retro Fish or CI Biscuit type board.

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    CI dumpster diver
    CI fred rubble
    Sharp Eye Disco
    JS Black Box
    roberts surfboards White Diamond

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    SUPERbrand Slug
    Rusty Dwart
    CI Motorboat

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    wrv nugget

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    Roberts White Diamond --- I've had mine for over a year now and it is my go to board whenever the waves are less than solid head high or bigger. The board makes steep drops better than my Takayama quad fish but it keeps the same speed. And when I want it to, it goes vert without hesitation. I'll probably be ordering another one just like it soon from Robert. His turnaround on customs is pretty quick and he is super nice to work with.

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    I don't know about you guys, but I like riding boards shaped by guys who live in my general area. If you live on the east coast, I'd definitely check out Matt Kechele. Dude shapes some sick boards, and they hold up oh so well. I've got a 6'4" Stub Fish that I use in all conditions. It's awesome in the small stuff (that us easties are prone to), but it can also hold its own in bigger conditions. Find a local shaper and check out their boards.

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    Like bodhi said, local is always a great choice. but if you're looking at big brands, CI dumpster diver biscuit pod, lost boards that are good for HP on smaller waves: rocket, subscorcher, motivator, flashback, blunt. List goes on man. Research what's affordable for you and go for it.

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    Ended up getting a WRV Rocketfish, thanks for the help guys!