If you guys could please give me some direction on what type of board I should buy. I am looking for a board that I can catch many waves with here in the Delray Beach area. I can get up and go down the line but that's about it. I have only been surfing for about a year. I have a 6'3 Light Wave squash but I don't float on it well (finally came to terms that the board is not for me). I am 6'0 190 and am 24. I went to a few local surf shops and asked what they thought. A few said a 5'10 Fish would be the perfect board with my skill/size. The other place said I should go a little bigger like a 7'4 board.

What would you recommend for my skill level and wants? Thanks in advance for your advice. I will monitor closely as I'm looking to buy in the next week or two.