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Thread: Katia & Lee

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    Apr 2009
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    Katia & Lee

    Will they meld together to form some sort of "super storm" ???

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    Ah **** hurricane Lee in the house!

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    let's just hope Lee can stall Katia and keep some swell around for a while
    sh*t, I'm amped for Katia, this is gonna be fun!

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    my work is not going to like me next week

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    I'm gonna say we'll get some good surf, but nothing spectacular. If it doesn't get completely blown out, we'll be lucky.

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    I do have to say that they are both setting up in a very strange manner...I can't recall this kind of "meeting" ever. Does anyone remember a tropical low over land bumping an offshore hurricane? I would guess that the hurricane would draw the lows energy because its a stronger center.....anyone?....bueller?