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'Moderator Johnson:'
You are a Moderator. Take the high road in your position of responsibility. Why do you constantly instigate? You do; it's a fact.
And then you ban people when they take you to task for your comments.

I'm not taking sides in this off-the-trail post. I totally hear Legend's beef, though, and he's put it out there from jump, cool dude who stands up for his amigos & for what's RIGHT.

So, speaking of what's right.....point being: why do you, Moderator Johnson, fan the flames of yet another swellinfo flame war? Especially from your position of authority?

You're just contributing to chaos.

When I conversed with Micah, he was surprised by some of your actions.

Don't let that Moderator title go to your head, pal.
Then again, do what you do.
You'll probably try to ban me, yet again, for these basic observations.
Instagate this situations how so ????? If you actually read this while thread when I seen Beuno and IHL make there rude remarks to LegendJim I made this post below

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Its obvious you dont know Carl nor Legend Jim cause I dont think you would say that kinda thing away from the keyboard.

Lets keep this thread on topic and hope Carl gets his board back . I will be in Bayhead on the 25th for the Swap meet / Bing book signing I will keep my look out up here .
Oh or maybe you were refering to my remarks about doing a Atomic Leg Drop on the guy if I find the guy who stole Carls boards????

I dont see how that drailing or instagateing in this tread .

As for me doing my moderator responsiblities since you and Super Fish are so wanting to know . I sent Swellinfo a Pm to let him know of the situation. Usually if I dont here back from him about it I usually ban there users involved in the situation. And if Swellinfo has a problem with how I am moderating this site he would be the first one to tell me about I asure you .

As you being banned yes I did ban you not for anything u said about me but from the requests of others on this forum for you remarks said in a previous thread. You cried like a p%^&y to Swellinfo and he let u back in .

Kinda funny you just made both of us take this thread off topic.