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    thats a nice gash

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    girls suck hahaha

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    jesus christ professional female surfers are ugly. no i would not say that to any of their faces

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    additionally: thats a face only a reef could love. OH SNAP

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    Ouch! check out the vid I don't care what anybody says, she carts her balls around in a freakin' wheelbarrow!

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    you got to give her credit, she charges! there's not too many people (guys or girls) that have the balls to drop in on the waves she does....that video of her charging Puerto Escondido comes to mind. That is a nasty battlescar, she's damn lucky she didn't lose an eye!

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    Worse than watching Zapruder Film for the first time in HiDef... Holy F***, literally ill. I don't think they can even fix that sh*t..
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    eeeeew, that's some gnarliness. hope she takes the proper drugs and stays out of the water for a bit. infection up there could go straight to the brain and cause some serious problems.