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Thread: hey swellinfo

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    hey swellinfo

    where is the best bet on saturday for nc (other than the outer banks)?

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    anywhere on the east coast?

    its kind of hard to answer that question, because lots of areas are looking really good now. As always, the model updates show a little different scenarios on each cycle, so its still pretty early to start nailing down the forecast.

    I see your from Southern NC. I'd say anywhere in your area has to the potential to be very good. The model output has been pretty consistent on the swell output, but a big factor will be what the winds will do as high pressure moves into the northeast for the weekend. If the winds go more N/NE than the south facing breaks are the call of course, whereas if the winds go more NW, then anywhere should be handling the swell good.

    As for where is going to be biggest... Right now, it looks like potential for anywhere along the east coast to get a healthy dose of swell.

    I'm going to update the video forecast during the middle of the week, and try to give a little more specifics.