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    Deal Beach Theft - Red Northface "Sweeper" Backpack With iPhone and Keys

    My red and grey NorthFace backpack was stolen from Deal beach this past Wednesday. Inside was my iPhone, both keys to my car, friends wallet, and some personal items. It was hidden against the wall.

    We drove down straight after work and got there for a late evening surf sesh from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. When we left, I went to go to where I left the bag, against a wall 20 yards away from the water, and it was missing. We had to sleep in the car overnight because the locksmith could not come till the next day to make keys for the car as well as to keep are boards safe now that the person had my keys. On top of all this, my windshield was cracked when I woke up.

    If anyone has any whereabouts or info on this, please let me know as this cost me about $1250.00 for a 1.5 hour time on the water. Talk about a $hitty week.

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    sorry to hear about that. next time lock all your stuff in the car and hide the key or keep it with you if your suit or leash has a key pocket. also lots of boardshorts have that little elastic loop in the pocket ive kept my key there before but i prefer hiding it.

    ive had a ****ty week myself my car was totaled by an asshole who ran a stop sign but keep your head up what happened to you could have been a lot worse

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    That really sucks. I agree with cheese... always leave your stuff in your car and hide the key. Unfortunately, scumbags roam Deal beaches--two years ago my buddy's wallet and other belongings were taken during a surf sesh too.

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