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    no offshores on delmarva

    Just curious as to why Delmarva is the only place that will not see any offshore winds from katia... storm to far out to sea for the turn of the storm to give us some goodies?

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    Friday evening says to have hardly any wind.

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    no wind yes.. but its still going to need offshores to really organize it.. not sayin it wont be alright but its not going to be top to bottom lined up bombs

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    the best surfer I know says this about wind: "no wind is the best wind"

    Example, VB this morning. It was SE at like 15 all day yesterday, eased a little over night, and totally died out for day break. The waves were glassy and Sick. head high plus, long period, no wind,,,, oh yeahhh

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    Yeah Last night around 6pm the wind died somewhat, maybe 5 mph or a bit more and just a bit of surface bump, the tide was the biggest issue but havent seen VB this big for quit a while, it was fun

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    bushwood get at me man we should surf tomorrow.