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    Also, when I was single and childless like you I had neither a car loan or a house to pay for. I split apartments with roommates and if I had $500 cash I bought a $500 car (it was Ford Escort Wagon with a roof rack made of wooden 2x4s - man I miss that crazy car).

    Keep expenses low and you can work less and surf more.

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    I work for myself... I might not make 100k a year but I work 2 days a week all summer... winters off to travel,(would like to work on a fishing boat in puerto or Hawaii during winter for extra cash) the busy week to week work is in the $pring--$$$. As my business grows, I hope to have weekly work all summer, but have people help me. Most of my jobs are a block away from the ocean!! SCORE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    When my daughters were little, my water time was cut in half. Now that they are big, one in college, and one who surfs with me, I get more water time. With work, I am able to sneak out early once in a while, or make sure to arrange meetings, etc, in OC so that I can surf between or after work.

    For the most part, though, I am a weekend warrior. I like to drive on to AINP, so weekend beach trips start reeeeaaaaallll early in the morning, and the wife is not shy about letting me know that is sucks to get up at 5am on Sunday morning, but she realizes it would suck more to sit on the dune swatting flies waiting for our turn to get on.

    I make dawn patrols easier by prepacking the truck the night before (while drinking beer). I pack towels, chairs, boards, etc., and stage lunch meat/sandwiches/sodas in the garage fridge so that it only takes a coupla minutes to be ready to go.

    solid plan

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    live at the beach,marry a woman who understands,get a job that doesn't tie up surf hours too much,learn to be there when the surf arrives.
    school and then raising children can drastically cut surfing out,but you graduate and children grow up and then you're back at it again.
    i missed a lot of swells when i was in college,and when my children were young,too,but it was more than worth it,and there's still waves,now,so what did i miss?

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    Priorities change. Balancing is difficult. Knowing there will always be waves should be enough to keep survivng. Keeping hope is key. Reflecting and remembering sessions past always helps. Anticipation of your next chance to surf keeps us going. "......because sometimes life gets difficult for no reason at all."

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    Marknel, consider this: I live three hours from the beach and have two kids, wife, mortgage, the works. So I'm pretty well relegated to weekend warrior status, though I teach and can go where I want in the summer. The east coast has typically zilch in the summer though, so talk about frustration....I still get out enough though that my mindset is altered and yep it's still a drug. Ditto on the beer Self medication is a God-given American right. What I realize now and then is that the ONLY reason I have the mortgage, the car payments, all those things that tie up time, money, and effort is the fact that I chose to have the wife and family. Without them, I'd pare down everything and live on a shoestring to travel and surf. I have friends who are single and blow every dime on the right car and pad and such and I think they are nuts.

    As a single guy, you have all the options and latitude in the world. I wouldn't work 75 hours a week for myself.

    Cheer up, get a beer, watch some football, and run out the door if there's banging swell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marknel83 View Post
    I have been working 65 to 75 hours a week. I have the house to pay for, new car payment, utilities etc. No kids no gf no wife so thats a plus. But everytime i know the surf is at its best window of opportunity i usually am working watching cars go by with surfboards on top killing me inside haha.

    How do you guys do it?
    i feel ya bro im trying this new thing this year where i dont skip class to surf so yesterday was balls being in class all day know my friends were out surfing having a good time. Work is another story its impossible to get my coworkers to cover my shifts. Last summer I worked for a contractor that surfs so he was lenient with the "work around the swell" deal.

    If its any consolation to you though, i live pretty close to the beach and the days that i see the most ppl driving around with boards on racks on top of their car is usually when its small and ****ty like two days after the swell peaked. i expect to see a couple cars on my commute to work today with boards on their roofs. Whenever its pumpin though, the people that are surfing carry their board in their car. So when you're working and see cars driving by with boards on the roof its prob just a few beginners trying to catch some sloppy seconds

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    Feeling the pain...

    Kinda been feeling the same way. We just had our first little baby girl in December. Needless to say, social life has dropped.

    Now, I love being a new daddy very much, but wife can not accept that I take a day off to go hit the waves- she thinks I just out there to goof-off (this is coming from a girl from florida).

    Biggest problem is that I am 2 hours each way from my break, so it is an all day thing.
    It seems like the Dp method works for some of you dads out there, I might have to try it!

    I found brazilian jiu-jitsu trainingg a couple of times a week to almost sastify the need........almost....

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    I work about 50 hrs a week so if its monday - friday I'm either standing the beach waiting for the sun to come up or enjoying some quality sick time. In college I could just ditch lecture and go surf whenever I wanted so that aspect is a little difficult. I think you just have to make the most and prioritize. Certain times of the year.. ah hemmmm.. surfing takes top priority in my life and I push the limits of my to make sessions happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marknel83 View Post
    I have been working 65 to 75 hours a week. I have the house to pay for, new car payment, utilities etc. No kids no gf no wife so thats a plus. But everytime i know the surf is at its best window of opportunity i usually am working watching cars go by with surfboards on top killing me inside haha.

    How do you guys do it?

    My opinion is there are 3 different types of surfers.

    1. You have a job, a family and probably kids, a house, bills, etc... You will surf when you take the fam on vacation, and if it just so happens to be good, then ****ing A! But you will not leave and take any extra days to go track down good surf. You have officialy transitioned from a 'surfer' to a family man (or woman).

    2. You probably have a job, and maybe have a wife. You might even have some bills,... etc.. but you do not let any of this deter you. You will go surf when its good. You will take vacation days, sick days, pretty much whatever you got to do to make it happen. You are transitioning from a 'surfer' to a family man (or woman).

    3. Dude brah all i gives a ish about is overhead sheet glass. You probably dont have a job, but if you do its seasonal. You would never dream of missing a good swell because your working good god haha. Probably live with random friends and eating whatever they are compassionate enough to feed you. If you are fortuante enough to have a lot of money or whatever the case may be this is the perfect spot for a surfer. You will never need anything else.

    Im trying to stay at NO. 2 because I dont have money