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Thread: Vb today!!

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    And the wife just hooked up chicken enchiladas and corn tortillas for dinner at work. Can't get much better...

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    look at that second ****ing picture! bombbb

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    Number Two was one of those waves that broke boards and ruined peoples sessions through possible being in caught on the inside-set domination. Some got even more vertical than that. In shock from this day compared to all summer. i yeehawed at someone today so stoked

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    its mush with people with bad form. bombs? please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripturbo View Post
    its mush with people with bad form. bombs? please.

    It actually was mushy, I will give you that. It was the nicest summertime swell in a while though. It wasn't hurricane noel barrels but it was the biggest cleanest swell to hit VA beach this year easily.

    Did you paddle out? Are you just joking? I can't imagine how anyone from VA would be **** talking this particular swell? I was so stoked when I left the beach that there's no way you paddled out and didn't enjoy yourself unless you aren't very good. That could be the case because I saw about 5% of the people out actually get waves. The rest were floaters and probably got clenched bholes when the sets came through.

    I got caught inside, pinned on the bottom, absolutely worked. It was solid. Had I been geared up in a wetsuit the paddle out would've been getting timed and I would have been way more selective with my wave choice.

    Yeah it wasn't overhead glassy barrels but there were 8 foot glassy walls out there and if you had got you some you would be stoked. Or you are seriously jaded.

    Either way that picture is sick and it shows the size. That dude does look like he has a clenched butt but can you blame him? He's probably dropped in on a wave that big only a handful of times in his life. He did better (from the looks of it) than most of the longboarders I saw dropping straight in and getting DESTROYED.

    I have to agree with whoever said it, as sick as it may sound, I was getting off big time watching people get worked and paddle in or watching fat longboarders sit on the beach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
    call me a wuss, but i straightened out everytime i saw a big wall of water because i knew what was gonna happen next
    You're a wuss.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ripturbo View Post
    its mush with people with bad form. bombs? please.
    Take your negativity and leave.

    Mush or clean everyone was stoked to actually have waves in virginia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripturbo View Post
    its mush with people with bad form. bombs? please.
    Mush???....maybe occ. but you're tryin to tell me that 9 footers in va beach is overrated. u prolly couldnt make it out. how the **** could it not be firing when i could hit 10 cutbacks on one damn wave. this aint puerto or indo....this is va. beach. u sound salty like u could couldnt get off work to go. mmmmmmmm......u really must not live here man. if u were out there u woulda had a smile on ur face and ****in stoked. way to be a DEBBIE DOWNER. ur the real wuss!

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    Quote Originally Posted by B Grigz View Post
    Too many waves for anyone to complain
    Unless they're an Internet troll or troll bait. This mornig was the cleanest out of the bunch. It started off at waist to stomach & shrunk a bit, but I'm so out of paddle-shape that I personally thought it was perfect wind-down session for the several days of waves. Given a week of rest, my geezer bones will be ready for the next one!

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    i was out thursday morning at the pier... i bodyboard and it was a pain in the ass to get out but it was well worth the punishment. i felt priveleged just to say i made it out and even rode those caliber waves in vb.... it was me my longboarder friend(who was goin for every bomb and keepin the stoke up for me) and one other bodyboarder on the south side.... cheers to anyone who rode on thursday. it was def nice to see the guys with no heart sitting on the beach hahahahaha