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Thread: StingRay

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    I saw huge (what I assume) stingray fully breach the water several (50+) yards out.
    The first time it only came partially out of the water. And, I had my "holy crap, what the hell was that" moment.
    The second time it got the whole way out. Vertical full body, flaps extended. It was pretty windy out with some gusts. It looked like it caught the wind for a little extended hang time like it was doing so kind of para-sailing trick. It was crazy/cool. First time I'd ever seen it.
    Anyone else ever see one do this?

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    When I was in costa there were hundreds of them at one spot I surfed, probably every 30 seconds one was jumping out of the water or flying over you.

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    Had one jump over my board while sitting on it. Almost landed on the tip. Scared the hell out of me till I saw what it was. Pretty cool....

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    i kited from asbury to long branch a few weeks ago and i was cruising north with hundreds of them. they weren't that big, maybe 2 ft wide, brown on top and white on the bottom. i did not like having to check beneath the water every time i wanted to throw a trick.

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    did anyone else see the one in the wave during the Quiksilver pro? I think it was during the first day of the comp.

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    isn't that how the crocodile hunter died.. flying stingray to the face

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    Sharks eat rays!

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    They jump to clear parasites off their skin when they splash back in. Sometimes they will jump in the boat with you: