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    how to figure out ltrs of foam to body wght

    im looking to buy a new board, and i want to figure out ,according to the amount of foam, what size board,
    im 175 lb, in good shape, but... im 46 yrs old. currenly surfing a board with 42 ltrs of foam and i catch alot of wave but its little boaty down the line....
    i have another boad with 33 ltr of foam , its hard to catch wave on it, but it skates down the line.. and i love it.

    so... i have to mesh the two boards.
    please comment, thanks

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    try 37.5 or 38 (33+42 = 75 /2). If one board is too boaty and the other not enough, just try a middleman, man.

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    but as for the formula,, i have no clue. I'd try talking to a local shaper. They'll be able to assist you.