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Thread: Summer 2011..

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    I have to agree, this summer was brutal. Waves were horrendous, weather was atrocious, and as always, it went too quickly. Here's to hoping for a continued good swell run for Fall and Winter!

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    3 days of chest high all summer, and a ton of tiny "fragile" little knee high lines that lasted an hour or two at low tide, was to me pretty much as bad a summer as I can remember.
    Can't be that bad, here's how I know. I remember a couple of years ago we were surfing the inlet one day in July mid day. If I was at the inlet mid day during the summer I must have been really desperate. I didn't have to leave my home spot once this year which tells me that this summer was at least better than that one.

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    June-August 20th completely sucked. I really miss long period ground swells; especially after the conditions the past few days....