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Thread: saturday

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    ill be in OC at about 2 and stayin thru sunday...what street u gonna be at?

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    I'll be mid-town OC when the wind shifts tomorrow... It seems as though theres about 15 streets that are holding up ok. See ya in the tube

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    Quote Originally Posted by DHD511rounded View Post
    One of my buddies in Frisco is saying Saturday with thes projected wind pattern. Probably going to head North to KDH for Sunday, then back to Hampton Roads for work on Monday. No wetsuits! Heavy offshore winds can turn head high into knee high in a matter of hours. I haven't check the wind forecast this morning so maybe there will be some good news as far as what the wind is doing.
    Trying to see if it's worth heading down to Frisco on Saturday. The forecast is indicating clean conditions and really not that big, but I'm wondering about if the current will be too strong still. Sunday's looking good everywhere!

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    30 mph nnw winds into ne swell doesn't sound all that promising to me ---------- sunday 10mph w wind 1-2 feet o head sounds better
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    I'll be somewhere around midtown OC if that is where the crowd is.

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    im gonna be somewhere in the delmar region, i don't know where yet, but im gonna drive and check most spots, im getting ready to head down to my place in about an hour or so..... shoot me a pm and i'll get ya my number if ya wanna hook up, probly gonna be me and my cous, on sponges im good for riding anywhere, i just need waves

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    Gonna miss tomorrow.... I have to head up to baltimore to see family member in hospital.... Have to deal with sunday leftovers. MAN what a kill-joy!!!!. Oh well post pics and i'll use my imagination.