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  1. Quote Originally Posted by LoTekSurf View Post
    I think you're right, I think I got Xcel boots AND gloves for $100. Even better.
    yea i spent about 100 on the boots and gloves too! keep my nice and warm and also Above the Weather!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by speedfreaksdvd View Post
    dude are u F'n serious???????????????????
    He is serious, and also a serious kook!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruvi View Post
    What is the deal with so many people wearing those cheapo plastic square faced watches while surfing? Why not just wear a simple to read all purpose dive watch, steel with hands that point to the time? Wear no watch at all. The crew I know in Virginia doesn't subscribe to the watch thing. I see it only in NJ. I'm curious. Is surfing a sport that gets that many "trendy" people in it? Yeeech if yes!
    Is this dude serious..? Thats his question? ..what an Idiot...Stay in VA beach...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glass View Post
    "The watch thing"? This has nothing to do with surfing and everything to do with creepyness.
    Best post ever...

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    Watches can be a good thing so you can approximate time on sets if it consistent.

  6. yea your not kidding!

    Quote Originally Posted by stayabovetheweather View Post
    He is serious, and also a serious kook!

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    Quote Originally Posted by inkdink View Post
    Gruvi go stick a dildo up your ass get a cheap one so you can spend the rest on your watch
    Now that's one thing I won't cheap out on. You've got to spend money on the quality silicon models.

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    Did this somehow turn into Poor Man's Watch Forum while I was out SURFING this morning?

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    This gruvi dude reminds me of the time when I was in college and my buddies and I threw a house party and in the early a.m. when all the bands had finished playing, our elderly Albanian speaking neighbors (the mother was 70 or so and in her nightgown) and their middle aged unemployed couch potato son showed up with firewater homemade booze and grabbed the mic and started singing along with the classic rock station karaoke style. the next morning we couldn't figure out if it had really happened. We've all had experiences like that, no?

    After a while, I think we'll all wonder the same thing about our new friend gruvi.

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    Okay for fun, I went up the street to jeweller's and bought a nixon watch. Its a lodown. So I got it set but I really want to figure out how the wave set timer works to synchronize my paddle out. Is this what that functions is for essentially? And does anyone know what the graph that goes from -4 to 12 is for? I assume it's a useful part of the design right? Thanks for help.