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My penance is finished. I would like to say more, but due to administration requests, I will be less enthusiastic in posting from now on after this reply. As to Gerard being in the soup in Chincoteague, that is not correct. I won't be down there until this coming Thursday, September 29th. And yes, I can get out to the line up very well by myself, thank you I'm learning where to go in, and I have been bad arse enough to go in through the inside to help strengthen my paddle and learn to take it from the breaks and wash.
As to color of preference, I would not be wearing yellow with blue. I prefer black. I got a new 3/2 and a 4/3 and I am excited to get these new kooksuits well worn this season. I just bought some 3mm boots too, because I am serious that I want to get better by going out for as long as I can this year, in hopes it betters me, and makes me toughened up a bit. There are a bunch of you that don't take me serious, and I'm okay with that. I still have enjoyed even the derisive posts with their enormity of hilarity Seriously dudes, I can state I have never, ever in all my years using the internet, laughed as hard and enjoyed myself so immensely as I have done with you all here. I genuinely think all of you are good people and I thank you from the bottom of my board
o god hes back everyone.