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    GLad to hear some of you guys are finally getting on the webcast bandwagon, over the past two years the quality of the commentary and webcast in general is fantastic. COmpetitve surfing is great shape righ tnow I dont care what Bobby Martinez says. Fantasy Surfer also helps keep ya rooting for guys.
    Kerr vs eElly is killing me though, i have both on my fantasy surfer team and with Taj loosing I got guys droppping like flys!

    Kelly is in form, but Eugene , Owen, and Julian can be super dangerous. ANd Julian and Parko have some sort of drama going on so their heat could get intense....

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    The video feed was superior in NY...

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    Why cant point breaks exist like that on the east coast. I mean there's good jettys, but a point break would be nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Bug Surfing View Post
    Why cant point breaks exist like that on the east coast. I mean there's good jettys, but a point break would be nice
    There are some in the north but colder for sure...

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    not a point break, its a reef break... some scattered reefs around on the east coast, but not too many - mainly in the northeast and south florida.

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    kelly is posting some of the highest heat scores in 17+ range, dominated kerr

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    I always thought it was a cobble stone point out at Trestles, Either way. I want a LOOOONG wave. I saw a video of skeleton bay ( other day and i hoping theres a day when i can get to some place like that. I know trestles is not quite as long, but still looks like fun.

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    waves in NY were much better. i can't believe they're going to run this contest out today.

    all the ca guys were talking mad **** in the FB feed during the NY contest and look what happens - ny produces some fantastic surf and CA craps out with waist-chest+ and pretty weak.

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    Fantasy surfer has encouraged me to watch event. The quality of webcasts have been getting better and better over the years. The Tahiti contest was amazing.

    So I got Kelly, Parko, Owen, Julian, Adriano, Dusty, Flores and John John on my fantasy team. Heitor knocking out Adriano hurt, I could have had all four semifinalists. I can't loose Quarterfinal #4. Owen looking good against Mick right now.

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    Owen and Mick tie with Owen winning on the countback. Wow.