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It's the youtube generation man. They like to pack themselves in front of anyone with a camera and be famous. The internet is so filled with 'cool vid's' of mediocre surfing. Drives me nuts how people care more about looking cool than just having fun out there. Nevermind the fact that showing people you can mount a go-pro and look like Gumby doesn't really make you look cool. Anyhow, I'm with ya man. I wouldn't consider myself an 'old guy', but I would argue the guys on longboards are a lot more fun to surf with. Less attitude, more aloha, more sharing, etc. The young'n have lost their stoke, maybe because they got coddled as groms instead of getting stuffed in trash cans.
If I had my way, all popular breaks would function like the open scenes of Lords of Dogtown where the best guys get first dibs and the groms keep the kooks out of the area!