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Thread: Golfing!

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    c'mon, man...can't you just take am extreme one-sided indefensible but overly-aggressively asserted position? what's with the perspective and stuff? yer harshin' my argument buzz

    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    drink your own recycled toilet water.
    (just thought i'd quote you out of context.)

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    Fact is I'm all for water quality improvement, but until the storm drains don't empty into the lineup directly from the street, golf courses are down my list of water pollution villians.

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    if you like to golf and are concerned about the environment then why not do the research to find the golf courses working to do better in that area ?
    not all golf courses are bad polluters

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    [QUOTE=Erock;107916]Complete hyperbole, and read back to spongedude's post about false dichotomy. Some things are easier to control than others. Pretty easy to NOT play golf....

    LOL, yep I'm the idiot.

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    Done with this thread, but the pressing probblem with golf courses, not so much here but south and out west, is the vast amount of water resources it takes to keep them green. I mean really, lush green golf oasis's are not meant to placed in deserts especially in states with a limited fresh water supply, but i digress.

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