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    Its the NOELEASTER

    Noel has strangely turned itself into something like a Nor'easter. Lets all hope that theres some size left over on sunday when the winds change... Today seems to be a little crazy. If anybody trys going out today, Take care.

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    hopefully the forcast changes there only calling for knee to waist high sets now. or does that not matter on the size of the waves??

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    I think a lot of people are freaking out about what some of the reports are saying- that by tomorrow it will be blown out, at about waist high with WNW winds at 10-12mph, which will have blown all through the night. I really don't believe that, although Noel has lost it's tropical characteristics and looks more like a Noreaster at this point, we're still talking about some serious groundswell. People need to remember that this swell is producing 12ft at 11sec, which is significant groundswell. I keep hearing that it's going to be blown out, but it's not 4ft at 5sec windswell during July. This is a pretty serious swell event and at the end of the day if i go by any surf forecast, it's Surfline, and almost always they underestimate the surf. They're predicting shoulder high and good cond. for tomorrow. As of now, is claiming double to even triple overhead with strong NNW winds at 30-35mph. From what i can see, this afternoon could be absolutely ridiculous. Be safe.